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    WWII D-Day Reenactment
    at Conneaut Township Park

    Friday August 18 
    10am - 5:45pm
    Depart from the Family Life Center

    Since 1999, D-Day Conneaut’s recreation of the events surrounding the Allied landings on the coast of Normandy, France has thrilled thousands of spectators. Join us at the beautifully kept grounds of Conneaut Township Park and watch 1,800 reenactors from across the United States and Canada.

    Spectators will witness men, women and their machines perform a living tribute to the veterans of WWII through dress, mock battles and living history displays. Encampments of Allied and Axis units provide spectators the entire 1940’s military experience. There will be battle reenactments, lectures, displays and tours to visit. The public gains an understanding of the events that occurred prior to June 6, 1944, and the sacrifices made during and after the invasion.

    Upon arrival, we will take a boat ride on the Higgins Boat, developed by Andrew Higgins, who single-handedly changed the course of the war. According to Eisenhower, “Andrew Higgins is the man who won the war for us.” We will end our day watching the British Beach Landings and Normandy Armor – New Tank Battle. (This is not the large landing that’s on Saturday!) A schedule of all the activities will be handed out, so you can pick and choose the exhibits, presentations and activities you want to see between the events.

    Food trucks are there for you to grab a bite to eat on your own. This is an outside event so dress accordingly.

    Attention WWII and Korean Vets: There is an application for a personalized name tag that will also provide a free lunch for you and your family. Applications due August 1. Please contact Dolly Herschel for an application.

    Cost: $15 due by reservation deadline.

    Reservations: Call 440.247.6490 by August 14.