Relational Public Narrative Training Workshop on September 23

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    Relational Public Narrative Training

    Saturday, September 23
    Bell Street Fellowship Hall

    This training gives participants a brief look at a storytelling model that innovates a "public narrative" practice rooted in a social movement tradition and supports the participant in crafting a values-driven, strength¬ based story of personal leadership that can then be linked to a larger story of community values. 

    Participants completing this workshop will be better able to:

    Describe stories of separation and connection
    Craft a values-driven, strength-based story of personal leadership
    Invite and offer statements of attunement, empathy, and resonance as strategies to deepen bonds and strengthen bridges

    The social, economic, and ecological crises facing our world today challenge us with an unprecedented scale and complexity in addressing them.  Despite a strong imperative to lead with values different from those which created these crises, many find that even within communities deeply committed to change, undermining attitudes and habits can derail efforts, break apart relationships, and fracture organizations and movements.

    This workshop is provided by Federated Church in partnership with the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

    Contact Amy Eugene at with questions or to register.