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    SunSundayMarMarch19th2017 March 19, 2017 - Chris Ludwa
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    If you look to the holy scriptures, there is no shortage of stories on rainbows. In Genesis, it was the sign of God’s covenant with Noah with ALL God’s living creatures. Australian Aborigine and American Indian legends link it to... More Enclosure 170319-Chris Ludwa.m4a
    SunSundayMarMarch12th2017 March 12, 2017 Mary Senechal
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    I had never liked the word surrender. For years I could only think if it in terms of defeat, giving up, and failure. No one in the secular world ever spoke of surrender as anything but something to avoid. To surrender was to be weak. Through the... More Enclosure 170312-Mary Senechal.m4a
    SunSundayFebFebruary19th2017 February 19, 2017 - Kate Walsh
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    Good morning, For those of you I haven’t had the pleasure to personally meet; My name is Kate Walsh. My husband, Mike, and I are fairly, new members of the Federated family and we are so grateful to call this church home. Thank you, Susi, for... More Enclosure 170219-Kate Walsh.m4a
    SunSundayJanJanuary29th2017 January 29, 2017 - Holly Northcraft Spann
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    When Susi asked if I’d be willing to do the faith witness she said the theme for this week is “the sacramental rite of holy orders”. My response… “Holy smokes, Susi! I don’t even know that is!” So, after a... More Enclosure 170129-Holly Northcraft Spann.m4a
    SunSundayJanJanuary15th2017 January 15, 2017 - Sally Ramsey
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    When I was young, I did not know anyone more focused on social justice than my mother, Peg Fullmer…..Until .... one day, she informed me that we were headed to Riverside Church in New York City to see a man called Dr. Martin Luther King. Mom... More