Federated's Mission Partners

    Home - Mission & Outreach - Federated's Mission Partners Mission is anything that extends our focus beyond ourselves. As we reach out providing support —emotional, financial, and spiritual — so that others are fed, we are thereby fed as well.

    Mission is a way of living out our faith in such a way that we contribute to someone else’s benefit. What we discover is that as we give ourselves in mission, we are inevitably called into community with persons of other cultures—global, national, regional, and local—and through such shared experiences, our visions are broadened, our lives become fuller, and life is renewed.

    Mission partners receive funds that are budgeted annually for missions.

    Some Mission Partners of The Federated Church include:

    • St. Paul’s Community Church: Our sister church on the near west side of Cleveland which opens its doors to the needs of the inner city.
    • Westside Food and Family Center: A community outreach addressing the hardships created by poverty in the near west side neighborhood.
    • Family Promise: Providing hospitality, meals, and support to homeless families through a network of area congregations.
    • Chagrin Falls Park Community Center: Holistic services ranging from advocacy, childcare, tutoring and recreational activities.
    • CUE-Seminaries of the United Church of Christ: Preparing men and women for ministry to the world. (All support comes from UCC congregations not the UCC national office.)
    • WREN—Women’s Re-Entry Network: Provides a holistic network of services and support to female ex-offenders, their children and other family members. Creating a positive life after incarceration. Open to any woman who finds herself in need of assistance or support.
    • UPCAM-United Protestant Campus Ministres in Cleveland: Providing ministry to students at Case Western Reserve (including Cleveland Institute of Art and Cleveland Institute of Music), Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College (Metro Campus).  UPCAM seeks to develop Christian faith, leadership and community on college campuses by providing opportunities for community service, study, worship, fellowship and pastoral care.