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    At the Annual Meeting on February 19, 2012, the congregation voted to implement a new governance structure as recommended by the Governance & Leadership Task Force.  The Church Governance and Policy Book contains the details of the new structure which is summarized below.  The duly elected lay leaders currently serving are listed below.

    Church Council

    The Church Council represents and leads the Congregation in attending to God and in the discernment of Church priorities, the stewardship of Church resources, and the assessment of the Church’s success in achieving these goals. The eleven elected members of the Church Council are:

    Moderator     Robin Harbage
    Vice-Moderator     Maren Koepf
    Past Moderator Ann Lentz
    Clerk     Ward Pierson
    Treasurer     Rob Goble
    Councilor for Worship & Music    Shawn Rockhold
    Councilor for Spiritual Formation     Erinn Grube
    Councilor for Congregational Care     Elaine Witmer
    Councilor for Mission & Service     Sunny Doxey
    Councilor for Telling Our Story     Ken Horner
    Administrative Councilor    OPEN


    Worship & Music Commission
    The members of this commission focus on the core ministry of glorifying God in worship
    Their objectives are:
    • In cooperation and consultation with the Senior Pastor, to glorify God and to coordinate and enhance the spiritual life of the Church through the conduct of public worship, the ministry of music, and the care of the Sanctuary and furnishings.
    • To prepare the elements and assist with the serving of Communion, to make provisions for ushering, and to provide for altar flowers and temporary decorations for regular and special worship services.

    The elected members of the Worship & Music Commission are: Gary Dole, Curtis Grube, Toni Harris, Cindy Hollister, Nancy Isham, Sybil McBride, Sally Ramsey, Nancie Skonezny, Kiko Weinroth.

    Spiritual Formation Commission
    The members of this commission focus on the core ministry of being shaped in the Christian Gospel.
    Their objectives are:
    • To assist members of the congregation to grow in their Christian development, to enlarge and strengthen their Christian witness and to help them understand and participate in the whole work of the Church.
    • To take overall responsibility for adult education in the Church. It shall initiate special programs, classes, discussion groups and other activities that will foster the Church’s ministry of spiritual growth and fellowship.
    • To promote development of formation and fellowship programs of children and youth (through college or age 22) including setting policy, approving programs and making periodic evaluations of long-range goals for Church School.
    • To involve young people of junior and senior high school age in the life of the Church in such ways that they may serve and be served.

    The elected members of the Spiritual Formation Commission are: Cathy Digel, Doug Harlan , Cassie Moran, Barbara Patton, Mary Senechal, Holly Northcraft Spann, chair, (3 OPEN positions).

    Congregational Care Commission
    The members of this commission focus on the core ministry of bonding in community.
    Their objectives are:
    • To foster attendance at Church services, assimilation of new members and an expanded ministry of fellowship.
    • To provide compassion, personal visitation, and service in response to special needs of the Congregation.
    • To provide fellowship opportunities for a variety of groups.

    The elected members of the Congregational Care Commission are: Jane Biggar, co-chair, Bonnie Goldston, co-chair, Carole Halberg, Ann-Marie Heston, Carol Kelly, Judy Maloni, Jan Mast, Alexandra Ziots, Karen Zoltowicz.

    Mission & Service Commission
    The members of this commission focus on the core ministry of encouraging involvement in mission and service
    Their objectives are:
    • To assess missions and opportunities from local to international levels and propose action regarding mission projects and social issues.
    • To foster and oversee a mission and benevolence program, giving special consideration to the program of the United Church of Christ.
    • To educate the congregation concerning social and political issues morally relevant to Christians and to act as an information clearing house regarding them.
    • To educate and provide opportunities for people to serve the larger community

    The elected members of the Mission & Service Commission are Sharen Bakke, co-chair, Leslie Fincun, Heather Harris, co-chair, Don Hoke, Lynne Kessell, Judy Lineweaver, Gay Quintin, Linnea Rostek, Linda Zelazny.

    Telling Our Story Commission
    The nine elected members of this commission focus on sharing our faith.
    Their objectives are:
    • In collaboration with staff, to create and implement a plan which publicizes and makes known Federated’s purpose.
    • To communicate the Church's mission, purpose and annual vision of ministry 
    • To share the many ministries of Federated Church with the community beyond Federated.
    • To develop and mange the Federated Church "brand" within the congregation and the community
    • To equip members to tell Federated's story 

    The elected members of the Telling Our Story Commission are: Diana Weber-Gardner, Katie Swanson-Harbage, co-chair, Mary Ann Leonard, Tom Meyer, Bob Munson, co-chair, Todd Smith (3 OPEN positions).

    Standing Council Committees

    There shall be six standing committees elected to provide counsel to the Church Council.

    Human Resources Committee - Chris Kutsko Bednar, Cherie Friedman, Jim Young
    Finance Committee - Becky Gruss, chair, Brady Hively, Steve Patton
    Properties Committee - Paul Koepf, Bill Lentz, Keith Mast
    Legacy Committee - Peter Franz, Bill Gaskin, Paul Neidhardt, Roger Pettibone, chair, Alex Taylor
    Nominating & Leadership Committee - Peggie Jo Shinagawa, chair. Jason Watson
    Membership Committee - Rose Brown, Megan Campbell,chair, Kate Walsh

    Council Appointed Committees & Delegates

    The Church Council may establish committees and/or task forces to help it carry out its responsibilities.  The current list of these groups is:

    Stewardship Committee - Michael Quintin, Laura Taylor (1 OPEN position)
    Western Reserve Association Delegates - Kate Walsh, Susan Lampson, Jim Ogle
    Ohio Conference Delegates - Kate Walsh, Susan Lampson