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    JustHope and Federated began a partnership the end of 2011. JustHope submitted a proposal for the establishment of a project called “Stitching Hope” for Chacraseca, Nicaragua. Mission and Outreach accepted the proposal and this project was the recipient of the 2011 Christmas Eve offering.

    Federated’s Brenda Grauer helped design the first JustHope initiative, Stitching Hope. Implementation has begun and is well under way. This will be just the first of what is planned to be multiple initiatives in Nicaragua with JustHope.

    Future initiatives may encompass

    • Educational opportunities
    • Clinical medical staffing
    • Agricultural production
    • Arts education and training
    • Infrastructure development
    • Small business training

    Relational Partnerships – A New Way Understanding of Mission

    JustHope and Federated plan on an extended relationship of five years or more. It is based on a partnership with the people of Nicaragua that benefits all of the parties. A longer-term mission partnership enables time to create transformational change in the lives of all of its participants.

    This new model fits well with the grassroots ministry style the new governance structure encourages. It enables Federated members and friends to choose from many ministry options and engage in any for which they have a passion.

    Mission Trip: November 8-15, 2014

    Carolyn Rose, one of the 10 people who traveled to Chacraseca on this particular trip, chronicled the events of the trip in beautiful photos and prose on her blog.

    Mission Trip: November 19-26, 2013

    For a printable full brochure with all the details, click here.

    Mission Trip: January 26 - February 2, 2013

    Eight folks involved with Federated’s mission work with Stitching Hope headed to Chacraseca, Nicaragua the latter part of January to help strengthen ties with this mission partner. Two from the group, Bob Doxey and Diane Tuuri arrived early and participated in the Second Chacraseca Summit which strove to build on the success of last year’s increased communication between the various groups and increased mutuality with the Pastoral Committee. Their goal for the two days was to lay the foundation for a comprehensive plan for 2013-2015. The second group consisting of Tina DiFranco, Brenda and Don Grauer, Jessica Leibson, Helen Pointer and Gay Quintin arrived after the Summit meeting and spent a week working with Stitching Hope and other projects, visiting the surrounding area and continuing the ongoing relationship with this community.  Check the Greetings from Nicaragua blog for updates from these mission travelers.

    Mission Trip: April 28 – May 5, 2012

    Brenda Grauer, Marty Culbertson, Diane Tuuri, Linda and Emily Nichols, and Bob Doxey flew to Nicaragua to support the Stitching Hope initiative for a week. They worked directly with those participating in Stitching Hope and established relationships throughout the Chacraseca area to better understand the culture and appropriate ways of working for change within it.

    The participants shared their stories through daily reports from Chacraseca during the week.

    To learn more about The Stitching Hope Project, watch the video below:

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