WREN - Women's Re-Entry Network

    Home - WREN - Women's Re-Entry Network Imagine you are a woman coming out of jail or prison with no job, no home and no idea of how to create a new life. Where would you go to help? For nearly 12 years, women facing these challenges have found help at WREN – Women’s Re-Entry Network - a new mission partner of Federated Church for 2007.

    WREN provides a holistic network of services and support to female ex-offenders, their children and other family members. WREN’s network creates a positive life after incarceration and is open to any woman who finds herself in need of assistance or support. WREN provides a range of individual and group support services to women at the Cuyahoga County Jail and the Northeast Pre-Release Center. WREN’s program has a demonstrated rate of success with a recidivism rate of 12% compared to the State of Ohio’s recidivism rate of 62%.

    Would you like to become involved with this group and have it become a vital mission partner with our Church? If so, please call Randi Zubin (440-543-7954), Sue Giles (440-543-6552) or Judy Batdorff (440-247-2169).

    Here is an update of recent efforts as of March 2008:

    Members of Federated Church have generously contributed to filling the WREN bus with many passengers!  THANK YOU!  Just recently, over 70 women who participate at WREN were able to
    ride an RTA bus to get to a job interview, meet with counselors or other support groups, as well as to participate in parenting or educational classes.

    Transportation can be a major problem for the majority of WREN (Women’s Re-Entry Network) participants, even more so now that a fare increase was recently enacted by RTA.  $4.00 now
    buys an all day fare.

    Please continue to look for our blue WREN bus parked by the main door.  There you can “buy a bus ticket” to help these women in need.  Let’s fill the bus!