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    Both the Bell Street campus and the Family Life Center campus are fully handicapped accessible and have marked handicapped parking.  The entire Family Life Center Campus is on one level.  The Bell Street building has an elevator inside the parking lot entrance that leads to all levels including classrooms, restrooms, offices and the Sanctuary.  The level Bell Street drop-off entrance leads directly into the Narthex.  Inside the Sanctuary there are spaces for individuals in wheelchairs.  Those finding it difficult to sit in pews may find one of the padded armchairs more comfortable.  Ushers and greeters are available for assistance before and throughout services.

    Vision and Hearing Concerns
    Our Sanctuary is equipped with a Hearing Loop system. This system turns hearing aids into loudspeakers, delivering sound right into the ear. A current is amplified and sent to a magnetic cable loop surrounding the Sanctuary and central section of the balcony. This magnetic cable is installed under the carpet. Sound received with this system has improved quality and clarity. 85% of all hearing aids are equipped with a Telecoil which picks up the magnetic field signal. A person so equipped must visit their audiologist to ensure the Telecoil is activated. The individual simply pushes a button on their hearing aid upon entering the Church and they are immediately wired in when they enter the ‘loop’.

    Large print bulletins and hearing aid devices are available in the Narthex.  Reading glasses are also available there to be borrowed by those who may have misplaced their own.  

    Communion Accommodations
    For communion we use grape juice and bread. An alternative to the bread is available for those with gluten or wheat allergies. Pieces of ricecakes, wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent contamination, are available on the communion plates.

    Worshipping with your infant or toddler
    Parents with babies are invited to consider two options while worshipping at Federated Church:

    1. Kid's Cove is the place for babies, toddlers and children up to PreKindergarten age.  It is located just down the stairs from the Lobby where your child will be cared for by our professional staff. 

    2. You and your baby can worship together in our comfortable BABY ROOM just to the left of the main Sanctuary doors. There you can relax with your child while you worship with the congregation via closed circuit television. 

    We do understand that not all parents are ready to leave their babies in a nursery right away. Please visit the Nursery after the service or watch our caretakers in action through the window. It is important that both you and your baby trust that s/he will be well cared for while you worship.  We look forward to caring for your needs.
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