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    The mission of the Green Committee is to engage and educate ourselves, the staff and the congregation in our roles as good stewards of the Earth and the gifts of our Creator. Through a variety of programs and materials, we encourage all of us in our faith family to learn about and implement practices in our lives that positively impact the environment and move towards a more sustainable future for this generation and many generations to come.

    How can we develop a sustainable faith……in a sustainable community……that sustains God’s creation for the next generation and for generations to come?

    "We cannot take up and sustain this enormous task of global mobilization without a deep understanding of how our faith calls us to this challenge. It is not enough to change light bulbs, we must change our very hearts. [We are called] to look again at our sacred texts and scriptures, and see the truths that have been there all along; that our earth is our home, our responsibility, a sacred place." — Rev. Canon Sally Bingham, Love God Heal Earth.

    We are called to become a Green Justice Congregation by the national UCC office. Why not just “green?” Because like Sally Bingham says above, justice is more than just changing light bulbs. It is about a transformation of our hearts and minds to see God’s creation in new ways that lead to living in new ways. It is about acting on new values in our lives and in the life of our community. Green Justice may be perceived as “giving up something,” but it is really about gaining a life and a community spirit based on relationships and belonging and care of God’s creation, and it works at the individual, community, and global levels.

    For more information or to join the Green Committee Ministry, email: Thea Mozingo 
    Associate Pastor of Worship Planning & Faith Formation
    (440) 247-6490310