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    SunSundayMayMay1st2011 Next primetime@fed Luncheon Program - Diane Menges & Lisa Benedetto Thursday, October 27 12:30 pm Family Life Center Program: Diane Julin Menges, soprano accompanied by Lisa Bell Benedetto Diane and Lisa met through their mothers, who were both diagnosed with... More
    TueTuesdaySepSeptember27th2016 primetime@fed Trip to Hanna Theatre My Fair Lady at the Hanna Theater Wednesday, October 26 4:45 pm - 11:30pm When the opinionated linguistics professor and bachelor Henry Higgins wagers that he can convert a lowly Cockney flower girl... More
    MonMondayAugAugust22nd2011 Next Federated Forum - Cuba Then & Now Federated Forum Monday, November 14 Bell St, Fellowship Hall Gather at 1:30 pm for refreshments ~ Program at 2:00 pm Cuba Then & Now presented by Silvia Kenneweg We are fortunate to have in our... More
    MonMondayOctOctober24th2016 primetime@fed Trip to Hartville Marketplace & Kitchen New Hartville Marketplace & Kitchen Thursday, December 1 10:15 am - 4pm Depart from & return to Family Life Center Bring your wallets and shopping bags! Lunching at the Hartville Kitchen offers... More
    ThuThursdayOctOctober20th2016 primetime@fed Trip to Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument New Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument Friday, November 11 | 9:00 am We will ‘ride the rails’ (on the Green Road Rapid Transit) to downtown Cleveland and head to the Soldiers’... More
    TueTuesdaySepSeptember27th2016 primetime@fed Trip to Tara, A Country Inn Tara, A Country Inn Thursday, November 3 9:30am - 3pm Tara, a Country Inn in Clark, PA established in 1986, is a charming property themed after the movie Gone with the Wind . Complete with costumed... More
    WedWednesdaySepSeptember28th2016 Tai Chi Classes - The Movement of Life Tai Chi is offered in eight-week sessions by Sifu Ed Niam. The classes are offered through our primetime@fed ministry on Monday mornings from 10-11am at our Bell Street building. Training consists of... More