Social Justice Advocacy

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    The mission of the Social Justice Advocacy Ministry is to be a voice and witness to God’s love for all people and creation and to advocate for justice for those who are marginalized, discriminated against and denied their inherent rights as children of God and citizens of our nation and world.

    Ministry activities include:

    Prayerfully discerning and prioritizing together those issues of social justice where the Holy Spirit calls for our advocacy and attention at Federated Church

    Studying current issues of social justice through book studies, films, workshops, presentations, field trips, and information gathering from other local groups who advocate for social justice.  
    Praying for organizations, agencies and groups working on behalf of social justice. 

    Uniting with and collaborating with other churches and social justice organizations who are actively participating in the work of Social Justice (e.g., Greater Cleveland Congregations).

    Proclaiming Federated’s position on issues of social justice, when appropriate, through worship, church publications, social media, local news outlets, letter writing, phone calls, public witness and the wider United Church of Christ.

    If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Rev. Susi Kawolics at 440.247.6490 x310 or


    Sunday October 15
    Bell Street Lounge

    Associate Pastor of Worship Planning & Faith Formation
    (440) 247-6490310