Parish Nurse Ministry

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    The Parish Nurse Ministry is best described by its mission statement:
                Parish Nursing promotes the healthy interrelationship of body, mind and spirit, and encourages personal and social responsibility for wellness.  Parish Nursing recognizes that the congregational environment plays a strong role in providing social, spiritual, and emotional support to its members.  This role makes it possible to promote wellness values and influence change towards more positive personal health responsibility.  The relationships formed by members of the congregation also provide social support for individuals as they struggle to change their behaviors.

    This ministry is provided by a group of health care professionals who volunteer to help members of the Federated community enhance their well-being. The role of the Parish Nurse Ministry volunteer is most easily described using the acronym HEALTH. 

            H - Health Counselor      
            E - Educator of Holistic Health      
            A - Advocate, Resource Person      
            L - Liaison to Community Services      
            T - Teacher of Volunteers/Support Groups      
            H - Healer-Body, Mind and Spirit   

    Volunteers of the Parish Nurse Ministry conduct Blood Pressure Screening monthly during mid-hour on the second Sunday of the month as well as prior to the monthly Elderlife Luncheons.  They are also involved in planning programs for the Staying Healthy Series for Federated Forum (Elderlife).  Biannual CPR and AED staff training is organized by the Parish Nurses.  A licensed social worker is also a member of the Parish Nurse Ministry and she provides assistance to church members in navigating the health care maze. 

    The Parish Nurse Ministry is always eager to have more volunteer nurses and social workers help with these activities.  Dr. Kathy Franco-Bronson serves as our medical consultant. 

    Contact Jeri Shaffer at 330.998.6008 or via email at .