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    Employment Connections is one of Federated’s many outreach missions. It is offered free of charge for anyone in the community and has been serving the community for over 28 years. The objective of this ministry is to help those seeking assistance with any job related issues.

    Meetings are always held every Sunday morning (except Christmas & Easter) in the Conference Room next to the Sanctuary, following the first worship service which lasts one hour. Worship times change with the time of year so click here to see what Upcoming Sundays look like.   If there are no attendees, facilitators leave after 20 minutes.

    Please join the facilitators of this ministry to learn more about how it works and they will attempt to give you positive and encouraging recommendations to complement your job search, based on their many years of employment management and business experience.

    The six facilitators are from various fields of expertise to better help in most any industry. The meetings are usually very small so they can give hands-on help even to those who feel discouraged, lost, or confused as to how to proceed in their next job or career.

    Contact any of the volunteer facilitators for more information:
    • Independent Financial Consultant: Greg Polyak (, 866-444-1004)
    • Six Sigma Consultant: Dan Sommers (, 330-562-8952)
    • Sue Kluchar (, 440-554-2955) (Part-time)
    • Counselor: Sally Ramsey ( , 330-562-2539) (Part time)
    • Commercial Business Development Executive: Don Guilian, BSChE, MBA (, 440-263-8682)
    • Professor: Ralph Lindeman ( - retired
    Employment Connections is on Facebook.  Click HERE for valuable and current information about this ongoing ministry including recent job postings.