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    Federated has a number of lay ministries available to those who may need some help from time to time:

    The Angel Food Ministry will deliver prepared meals to families dealing with illness, extended hospitalization, death, or similar family crisis.  
    Contact person: Sue Giles, 440.543.6552

    The Angel Ride Ministry will provide a ride to those who may need assistance getting to and from doctor appointments, running an errand or going to the store. 
    Contact person: Sue Mansour, 440.668.9399

    The Angel Visitor Ministry was developed to provide visits to members of the Federated Family who are recovering, either at home, in the hospital or in a skilled nursing facility.  The visitors provide spiritual and emotional support during difficult transitions and times.
    Contact person: Peggie Jo Shinagawa, 440.543.5974.

    The Angel Flowers Ministry takes our beautiful altar flowers after Sunday morning worship and divides them into many smaller arrangements and distributes flowers to members of the Federated Church family who are recovering or are infirmed. 
    Contact person: Peggie Jo Shinagawa, 440.543.5974.

    If you or someone you know could benefit from any one of these ministries, please call the contact person listed for that ministry. 

    If you would like to volunteer for any of these ministries, contact Darlene Nichols at 440.247.6490 x123.

    Pastoral Care Administrator
    (440) 247-6490123
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