Norling Prayer & Memorial Gardens

    Home - About - Campuses and Directions - Norling Prayer & Memorial Gardens Like our Lord Jesus, come to these Gardens to rest, to pray, to meditate or just to be.  Experience the love of God through the smell of wildflowers, the quiet stillness of the water, the sound of birds as they move through the fields, trees and shrubs.  enjoy the natural beauty in our wonderful rural setting as you prayerfully walk the Labyrinth.  Enter in Reverence.  Depart in Peace.

    These Gardens became a reality for the glory of God through the generous commitment of time and resources of so many.  The Prayer & Memorial Gardens were dedicated in October, 2003.

    If you would like to contribute to the Gardens, we invite you to contact Darlene Nichols at the church at 440-247-6490 x123 or

    Gifts will be indicated with appropriate markers of those honored or memorialized.  The following opportunities are available:

    Gifts Size of Stone
    $10,000             Special Engraved Memorials
    $5,000 Special Engraved Stone
    $2,000 Special Engraved Stone
    $1,000 12" x 12" Engraved Stone Paver
    $250 12" x 6" Engraved Stone Paver

    Other contributions of any size are greatly appreciated.

    Eternal blessing:  The scattering of ashes is possible by contacting one of the clergy and scheduling through the church office.