What We Talk About When We Talk About God

This year the Spiritual Formation Commission has selected a book titled, What We Talk About When We Talk About God by the Rev. Rob Bell for our Lenten book study. 

Our commission members have read the book and hope this will be a catalyst for lively conversation and thoughtful questioning.

Perhaps an excerpt from the book says it best.

 "I've written this book because there's a growing sense that when it comes to God, we're at the end of one era and the start of another.  An entire mode of understanding and talking about God is dying and something new is being birthed." 

So what is it that the Rev. Bell thinks is dying and what is being birthed in our world? Using this book as a catalyst, we invite you to join with us as we think about and discuss how we understand God, and from this understanding, how we talk about God. 

Sign up for a group in Fellowship Hall or at the reception desk.
You can also call 440.247.6490 or email The book is available for sale after worship—while copies last.

Book Groups,

Beginning Sunday, March 10

Sundays 8:30 am             

Bell St. Room 350     

Led by Susi Kawolics & Judith Bryan

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Family Life Center Hearth Room                                  

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