Federated Church mission activities happen locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  We have active mission activities in the Chagrin Valley with our primetime@fed ministry to senior citizens, in Cleveland through our sister church, St. Paul's Community Church in Ohio City and through StitchingHope in Nicaragua.  Our high school youth spend a week of their summer vacation traveling to a place where they can be the hands of God to those in need.  Opportunities to participate both locally and overseas are available throughout the year. 

Try something different and fun this December! 

A REVERSE Advent Calendar!

Instead of taking one item from the calendar, try putting one item in a box, daily, December 1st-25th. 

A list is provided below and all donations will be distributed in January.





December 1  -  box of cereal

December 2  -  peanut butter

December 3  -  stuffing mix

December 4  -  boxed potatoes

December 5  -  macaroni and cheese

December 6  -  canned fruit

December 7  -  canned tomatoes

December 8  -  canned tuna

December 9  -  granola bars

December 10  -  jar of applesauce

December 11  -  canned sweet potatoes

December 12  -  jar of jelly or jam

December 13  -  canned beans

December 14  -  box of crackers

December 15  -  package of rice

December 16  -  package of oatmeal

December 17  -  package of pasta

December 18  -  spaghetti sauce

December 19  -  chicken noodle soup

December 20  -  tomato soup

December 21  -  can corn

December 22  -  can mixed vegetables

December 23  -  can carrots

December 24  -  can green beans


Bring to church in January for delivery. Consider adding a note with New Year’s wishes.






The mission of the Social Justice Advocacy Ministry is to be a voice and witness to God’s love for all people and creation and to advocate for justice for those who are marginalized, discriminated against and denied their inherent rights as children of God and citizens of our nation and world.



Every year, instead of using the offering collected at Christmas Eve for operating expenses, we select a deserving organization - local, national or international - and donate the offering collected at all four services to that worthy cause.  


Organizations are invited to apply starting in September and our Mission & Service Commission chooses and announces the organization in November.



Primetime is a church-based program designed to benefit senior citizens in our congregation and the wider community.   Primetime, though it primarily serves those over 65, is not exclusive.  The many programs it offers provide opportunities for older persons to be involved in social, educational and spiritual group experiences, as well as opportunities to give service to others. It is the mission of Primetime to provide a sense of community and to support vital involvement among the older population.



Federated Church provides outreach to the community by providing facilities and meeting space for community programs like 12-Step meetings and scout meetings.  The local Meals on Wheels organization uses the commercial kitchen at our Family Life Center to prepare and deliver meals throughout the week to local people in need of a friendly visit and a hot meal.



Federated Church and St. Paul's Community Church on the near west side of Cleveland have a long history as sister churches.  We raise funds and gather resources to support the many programs there that are so important to that inner city neighborhood.



JustHope and Federated began a partnership the end of 2011 when Stitching Hope was created and chosen as the recipient of the 2011 Christmas Eve offering.

The objective of the “Stitching Hope” program is to assist women in Chacraseca, Nicaragua in the development of a multi-faceted enterprise which will enable them to work together creating both fabric art articles for export and utilitarian items for local sale. It created a center where women work with quality machines and adequate materials. It  provides training for the women, equipping them with the business and financial tools they will need to market their products and run their business.