This year, Federated Church offers two festive and inspirational
online worship services
on Christmas Eve. 




Time to first Christmas Eve service.




4:00 pm—Online Family Christmas Eve Service 

Led by Rev. Mark Simone and Kristin LeFeber

Children’s Choir sings and RISE to Shine Band performs

(Pre-service music begins 30 minutes prior to service)


6:00 pm—Online Traditional Christmas Eve Service 

Rev. Hamilton Throckmorton preaches

Chancel Choir sings

(Pre-service music begins 30 minutes prior to service)





Even a pandemic cannot stop the celebrations for the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.  The pandemic has, however, caused great loss, hardships and financial strains on the world around us. In September the Mission and Service Commission announced that our Christmas Eve Offering will focus on our current mission partners who, like many, are working hard to lift-up the needs of a growing number of people adversely affected by COVID-19. 


Our four partners, St. Paul’s Community Church (our Sister Church on the near westside), Chagrin Falls Park Community Center, Family Promise of Greater Cleveland and JustHope (in Nicaragua) have all submitted an outline of how the Christmas Eve Offering will help them immediately and in the future, realizing that the effects of this COVID-19 crisis will be with us long after the virus fades away. Areas of consideration needed to focus on meeting each partner community’s food, health, and/or housing needs. They could also include proposals that support people’s work needs, such as transportation costs or work supplies.


Federated Church can ease these difficult situations by giving generously to this year’s Christmas Eve offering.  Please join the Mission and Service Commission and prayerfully consider the impact your gift will make for our beloved mission partners. The following is a brief summary of how our partners will use the funds they receive. To say they are grateful for our generous support is an understatement! 


St. Paul’s Community Church

shares that since the onset of Covid19, St. Paul’s has been open every Sunday Morning to serve coffee and a light meal to 10-25 people.  Folks freshen up and use the restrooms, get a change of clothes from the thrift shop and receive sanitizer and other needed items. 

Impact of our gifts:

  1. Thrift Shop (a place where many can go to procure items for themselves and their children), will get an organizational overhaul: new mobile shelving, holding shelves, and new permanent shelving in the shop.  These improvements will help St. Paul’s sort items more efficiently, having more items on display which will allow them to respond to emergency needs much faster.
  2. Kitchen (addressing the community’s food insecurities) will receive new appliances to replace unreliable pieces.  While the kitchen is not currently in high demand because of COVID-19 restrictions, getting the kitchen ready now for the eventual increased demand is vital, as the reality of hardships will be a reality for some time to come.


Chagrin Falls Park Community Center

a trusted institution for the residents, where people (Children through Seniors) have access to services daily.  Since the start of COVID-19 shutdowns the demand on the Center’s services has been on the rise and their funding and income streams have reduced.  The Center is closed to the public, and services such as wellness checks, Meals on Wheels deliveries, pantry food and cleaning supplies to seniors are being done remotely.

Impact of our gifts:

  1. Purchase food and cleaning supplies for their pantry to fill a growing need in the community.
  2. Maintaining the Center’s vans which are now in constant use to handle deliveries.
  3.  Maintain Staff levels to meet the community’s demands on the Center.


Family Promise of Greater Cleveland

provides families facing crisis of homelessness with a safe place designed to engage, inspire, and guide them toward a future where they feel empowered to control the course of their lives.  Throughout the COVID-19 crisis the work has not stopped, working to ensure all clients and staff are safe, while providing temporary housing to residents for an average of 12-14 weeks.  Clients receive help with basic needs that support their efforts to prepare for, obtain and retain employment.

Impact of our gifts:

  1. Transportation Assistance: RTA Bus Passes to get to and from work and gas cards for families with cars.
  2. Help provide proper clothing for jobs, often the needs include uniforms and proper footwear.



is a global partner with Federated Church. JustHope makes meaningful and significant impact in Chacraseca and LaFlor – two communities in Nicaragua - empowering community leaders, funding and constructing potable water systems, supporting and supplying health clinics in both communities, and so much more.  The COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on the operations and supplies of the clinics in both Chacraseca and LaFlor.

Impact of our gifts:

  1. The ability to continue providing medications and dental supplies, as well as providing electricity and PPE for the Chacraseca Clinic.
  2. Funding the Medical Support Program in LaFlor, (providing funds for residents to be able to take a bus to the city, fill prescriptions, and seek special medical services as needed).