Your Bible! The Study Begins

Since 1977, The Kerygma Program of Bible study has been used by a wide variety of denominational groups to increase biblical knowledge & understanding, enhance personal spiritual growth and deepen appreciation for worship.  


WHAT: Your Bible! The Study Begins is an introduction to the Bible that paves the way for future study and deeper understanding.

WHO:  Individuals who want to learn more about:

·       How the Bible came to be

·       What the Old and New Testaments are about,

·       How to study the Bible and consider its place in our lives.

WHERE: We will be using Zoom.

WHEN: There will be seven sessions, and each will last 1 ½ hours starting Wednesday, August 5 – September 16, 2020 from 7:30 – 9 pm. 

MATERIAL: A Bible and Kerygma’s Resource Book: $15; Large Print: $16.50 (includes $1.00 for shipping). The resource book must be purchased. Peggie Jo will order all the books, and we'll meet to distribute.

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENTS:   CLICK HERE to register and pay. Registration must be completed by July 28. Maximum of 12 students. 

The course is being offered by the Spiritual Formation Commission and will be led by Peggie Jo Shinagawa at