When: Monday evenings, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
How: Online via Zoom
Dates: Every Monday, September 21 - November 23 (10 weeks)

Following up on the “Intro to Music” class offered last fall, the “Music Fundamentals” class will take a deeper dive into music notation, theory, structure, and patterns.  Participants in the class will learn how to read music from the ground up, gaining new confidence to sing weekly hymns, learn to play simple melodies on the piano, count rhythm confidently, and understand why music is written how it is. 

Everyone is welcome to attend no matter if you’re a seasoned music veteran or a new beginner.  This 10 week course will be participatory and responsive giving participants an opportunity to have their questions answered!  Led by Joshua Konow, Director of Music Ministries, and taking advantage of Zoom technology, this class will be immersive and engaging. 

Register by contacting Joshua Konow at or calling 440.247.6490 x 120


Six week study: Saturdays, October 17-November 21  |  1-2:30 pm
Online via Zoom

Led by Barry Stees

"Reading the Bible from the Margins invites its readers to look at scripture from an entirely different perspective, through the eyes of the poor, the outcast, those who are different. It challenges the status quo, the "comfortable" way one can read the Bible, picking and choosing what seems "nice," while thinking the challenge is for someone else, or that perhaps it doesn’t apply to the 21st century.

Reading through the eyes of those who are marginalized turns the world upside down and gives status to those who seem insignificant. De la Torre’s book inspires a new vision and a deeper understanding of the Word of God. It invites the reader to recognize a God who really loves those who are oppressed as well as the oppressors. In this is freedom for both the "haves" and the "have not’s." Anyone with a willingness and the courage to be uncomfortable, to be led to conversion of heart and deeper wisdom will find this book a means to that end."

Primary Texts:           

· Bible (NSRV or other translation)

· Reading the Bible from the Margins by Miguel de la Torre (purchase on your own)

Secondary Texts-Barry will provide excerpts from:

· The People’s Companion to the Bible

· The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James Cone

· Womanist Midrash by Rev. Dr. Wilda Gaffney

· And others

If you are interested in the study group, register via your Realm account or contact Barry Stees for more information: