And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. 

~ 2 Corinthians 9:8 

Details about the Rejoice and Renew Capital Campaign can be found at the campaign website or by contacting Laura Taylor, the Campaign Assistant at 440.247.6490 x216 or

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April 2018 Rejoice & Renew Capital Campaign Update

In addition to the weekly Properties Committee (PC) meetings, a PC Ad Hoc committee consisting of Joshua Konow, Thaddeus Quintin, Hamilton Throckmorton, Marcia Snavely, Paul Koepf, Bruce Gigax, Gary Dole, and Robin Harbage met to define the acoustical and logistical needs of our Sanctuary. As needs were refined, a second group, which also included George Clemens and Heather Harris, reviewed the layout of the chancel and choir loft areas to seek to improve the flexibility of those areas, while considering aesthetics and functionality. The inclusion of a newly upgraded Rodgers Organ (TS Good Church Organ Company) has presented an opportunity for us to enhance the layout and function of our sanctuary space. The organ will be movable and, therefore, will allow us to use the organ in ways not previously possible. Mainly, it will improve sight lines and integration with other musical events. The final project will create a vastly improved musical experience to better enable worship. Paul Koepf will render drawings of this group’s preliminary ideas. In addition, Sunny Doxey and Heather Harris have been gathering information about the needed renovations of the restrooms in our facilities.

Remember the Pre-Bid meeting in early February attended by 13 General/Sub-Contractors that we mentioned last month? Well, the bidding process for the HVAC/roof project closed on March 7. The Properties Committee members reviewed the submitted bids and made a recommendation to Church Council on March 15. Because dumpsters and a construction trailer are expected to arrive in our Bell Street parking lot around mid-May, we will move only Sunday worship services to the Family Life Center beginning Memorial Day Weekend Sunday, May 27. 

And finally, one funded gift opportunity has now been completed at our Bell Street facility: new wireless access points. Access points allow visitors, staff and members to connect to the Internet anywhere within the facility. Federated Church has an active online presence with both our website ( and Facebook page ( Access to those resources within our facilities is very important, as we work to keep folks informed about our church events and ministries via their phones, tablets or laptops. In addition, we are pleased that more and more meetings and events are taking advantage of our wireless capabilities for their own presentations. The six Bell Street access points have been replaced with newer ones with a stronger signal, which means that folks throughout our large Bell Street building will have better access to our wireless system.

Federated’s congregation is blessed with so many members and friends talented in a variety of fields. And we are so thankful to the Properties Committee for getting so many stakeholders involved! All of this could not have occurred without such a successful Rejoice & Renew Capital Campaign. Thanks be to God and you!

Capital Campaign Projects Update

As you will notice in the 2017 Properties Committee Annual Report  submitted by Bob Doxey, John Giles, Paul Koepf, Bill Lentz, Bill Mason and Keith Mast, capital (!) things are starting to happen around here! In the first full week of February, they hosted 13 general contractors, HVAC, and roofing contractors at a pre-bid meeting and site visit. Our parking lot was full of pickup trucks! The meeting was an opportunity to clarify any questions bidders may have with the solicitation documents, scope of work and other details, as well as a chance to tour the ins and outs of our Bell Street facility. The committee was very pleased that 13 of the 14 invited general/sub-contractors attended the meeting, although a second meeting may be scheduled, if the committee deems it necessary.

In addition, you may have seen a new cornerstone displayed on the reception desk. As noted in the Capital Campaign Projects Start Date List, the parking lot canopy entrance will be renovated this summer. This will include the new cornerstone and brick surround. Another item mentioned on the list is technology integration. In February, the church staff (thanks, Melinda!) worked on organizing the current location of phones and our future needs in both facilities. And finally, the Properties Committee met with an expert in the audio visual field to discuss ideas about our other technology integration needs. With this added information, they will be able to make informed decisions about any changes to be implemented.

During the Annual Meeting, Paul, Keith and Bill shared more exciting information: the Properties Committee expects that the dumpsters, as well as a construction trailer, should arrive in our parking lot around mid-May in preparation for tearing off the old roof. Dust will be flying! For this reason, they are recommending that summertime Sunday services be held at the Family Life Center.

And finally, Paul Koepf also mentioned during the Annual Meeting that the committee will be looking for volunteers for small projects that can be completed in, let’s say, a single morning or afternoon. Please be sure to contact Paul, or any member of the committee, if you have some time and talent that you could devote to our renovations. All of the members of the committee are doing such a wonderful job being good stewards of the money raised to renovate and upgrade our much-loved facilities. We are so thankful to be in such good hands!

March 2018 Rejoice & Renew Capital Campaign Update

If you couldn’t attend Federated’s Annual Meeting on February 11, you must have missed Robin Harbage’s happy dance! What exciting news he shared! It was confirmed that, since Federated has raised more than $2.9 million in pledges, Church Council passed a motion at the January meeting to fund all campaign items included in both the $2.2 million “Minimum” and $3.0 million “Challenge” goals with the exception of $100,000 of funding for deferred major maintenance.

On the next page of this edition of the SPIRE you will see a listing of those projects submitted by our Properties Committee, along with proposed start dates. This is a wonderful starting point and, just like any renovation project, we’re sure that items will be moved around as funds arrive or when it becomes obvious that projects are linked and need to be coordinated with one another. A lot of work has gone into this Project List and we are grateful to Paul Koepf, Bill Lentz, Keith Mast, Bob Doxey, and Bill Mason!

Issue 6 (October 1, 2017)    Campaign Commitments Top $2,800,000!


Issue 5 (August 27, 2017)    This is Commitment Weekend!


Issue 4 (August 20, 2017)    Next Week is Commitment Weekend!


Issue 3 (June 11, 2017)    Kick-off Event a Grand Success!


Issue 2 (June 4, 2017)    It's Kick-Off Weekend!


Issue 1 (May 21, 2017)     Campaign Announced


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Life-giving God, 
All that we are and all that we have are gifts from you, 
to do your will and extend your Dominion here on earth.  
Make us eternally grateful.  
Ignite within us joyous enthusiasm. 
Inspire us to respond exuberantly to the needs of Federated.  
Fill us with generosity that we may share these gifts from you 
sacrificially, cheerfully and proportionally. 
Lead us to do your will in our pledging to this campaign.
Enable us to rejoice in your grace,  
and renew Federated’s ministries and missions.  
Remind us that where our treasure is, our hearts are also.  
Shepherd us to fulfill your desire in all that we are and do.