A Church wedding signifies a covenanted commitment that has its foundation in the faithfulness of God’s love in Christ. The presiding minister acts as a representative of the Church in asking God’s blessing on the marriage. The congregation joins in affirming the marriage and in offering support and thanksgiving for the new family. 

Marriage is compared by the Apostle Paul to the mystical union between Christ and the Church, a relationship of total self-giving and unconditional love. Therefore, it should not be entered into lightly or casually, but reverently, with the deepest commitment and a life-long decision to love. 

Beautiful weddings have been held in our Sanctuary and our Chapel on Bell Street.  Couples desiring to be married in the Sanctuary or the Chapel of The Federated Church at 76 Bell Street should first confer with Melissa Owen, Director of People & Operations, at  She will check the Church calendar to be sure appropriate space is available on the desired date. (Non-members and inactive members are welcome to rent the Federated Church for their ceremony, however, in order to reserve priority use of the facilities for active participants, space cannot be reserved by non-members prior to 12 months before the event.)


For weddings in the Sanctuary or Chapel a Federated minister must officiate, or participate in, the ceremony, or, in the case of special requests for outside clergy, approve the desired officiant.  If a Federated minister will be participating, the couple should contact that minister to check his availability, to arrange for premarital counseling and to plan the service. 

• Rev. Hamilton Coe Throckmorton, Senior Pastor (

A Wedding Guide is available to help you in planning your service at Federated.  It contains important information about fees and policies.